Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra

Tickets & info: Tickets

Tickets are priced by section in the auditorium. View the seating chart.

Season suscriptions offer up to a 20% discount off single ticket prices. For the best concert experience, purchase and collect tickets before concert night.

Special Pricing and Discounts:


Purchasing Tickets

Tickets are available from the NAU Central Ticket Office at 928.523.5661. Please note that there is a $2 service charge added to ticket prices when purchased the night of the concert.

Additionally, tickets can be purchased:

Angels & Advocates: Donating Unused Tickets

Become an angel and an advocate when you have tickets to a symphony concert but cannot attend. If you've tickets to a concert you are unable to use, on your behalf we will donate them to a child at Thomas Elementary School who might otherwise be unable to attend a symphony performance. We'll let them know your name if you so choose, and we will send you a tax credit letter as well. Your ticket can give a child an introduction to the power and awe of a live concert. Contact the symphony office at 928.774.5107 for assistance.